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Engaging real-world math activities!

We have crafted a collection of engaging real-life math activities to empower you to answer the student question: "When am I ever going to use this?"

real-world math activities engage students!

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Arithmetic 1 Sample: Fruit Snacks: Working With Averages (Activity Library 1)

Arithmetic 1 sample activity
Arithmetic Sample 1, Page 1.
Arithmetic 1 sample activity
Arithmetic Sample 1, Page 2.
Arithmetic 1 sample activity
Arithmetic Sample 1, Page 1 (with solutions).
Arithmetic 1 sample activity
Arithmetic Sample 1, Page 2 (with solutions).

Graphing 1 Sample: Autism Awareness: Interpreting Graphs (Activity Library 2)

Graphing 1 sample activity
Graphing Sample 1, Page 1.
Graphing 1 sample activity
Graphing Sample 1, Page 2.
Graphing 1 sample activity
Graphing Sample 1, Page 1 (with solutions).
Graphing 1 sample activity
Graphing Sample 1, Page 2 (with solutions).

Quadratic 1 Sample: Using the Body Mass Index: Solving Equations (Activity Library 1)

Quadratic 1 sample activity
Quadratic Sample 1, Page 1.
Quadratic 1 sample activity
Quadratic Sample 1, Page 2.
Quadratic 1 sample activity
Quadratic Sample 1, Page 1 (with solutions).
Quadratic 1 sample activity
Quadratic Sample 1, Page 2 (with solutions).

Feedback on our real-world math activities

Make It Real Learning is the most exciting thing to happen to math since the abacus.

– Richele McFarlin - Families.com

Saves me sooo much time.

– MissMath13 - customer

Excellent! My 7th and 8th graders enjoyed this lesson very much.

– Mrseverlof - customer

Make it Real Learning is just what we have been looking for...

– freshstartacademyhomeschool.com

Great for home work or for small group work!

– acouto92 - customer

It makes such a difference when kids can see the practical application. Thanks!

– Zorattia - customer

Awesome resource!! My students loved it!

– Amy Ballou - customer

This is a great practical activity for students. I really like the interpretation question at the end where students had to realize that a function may only be an accurate model over a certain interval. It was great seeing the realization of that idea in their eyes.

– customer - lking30

Great resource for advanced math learners!

– customer - Teaching the Gifted

The thing I loved about many of the scenarios is that, unlike a typical word problem, they really take the student into the scenario and let them experience the decision in a way few math books even approach.

– Katherine Loop - ChristianPerspective.net

The problems have been well-constructed and include reasoning and justification, as well as procedural skills. I cannot wait to use these in my classes. Thank you so much for making them available.

– Renee Floyd - Title I Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator / Mathematics Teacher, Hot Springs High School, Montana, USA

The students really got engaged with the 'Shopping the Sale' worksheet... In addition to solving the questions on the worksheet, students wanted to extend the problems even further! (It's not often you get to hear, "Can we do more math?" from Gr. 7s and 8s!)"

– Ralph Connelly - Former Canadian Director, NCSM

I want my students to think that I am teaching math for a reason, and what better way than to show them how to use it in actual situations.

– Wendy Carpenter - Green County Schools, Tennessee, USA

Wow. I am so excited about this series, and I absolutely will be getting more of these.

– Debra - Footprints in the Butter

Students were completely engaged in working together in a group to complete the task. It connected to something that they knew about (buying jeans).

– Veronica Braun - East Carter High School, Kentucky, USA

The real life problems provide opportunities to have conversations about meaning that other "non contextual problems" would never allow. So far I love it! The only thing I've been doing in addition to what you guys already provide is expand and have EVEN more follow up questions to an activity. Adding on questions is the easy part once the rich context is provided though and that's what I love!

– Shannon Bishop - Mesquite High School, Arizona, USA

I really appreciate the work you put into the Make It Real Learning materials. It has helped us a lot with making the math the kids have to learn 'relevant.' It has especially helped me, as a homeschooling mother, because I don't have to try to come up with a real-world example that covers all the elements that one of my children is learning in math at that point.

– Karleen Mauldin - customer

My 6th grade daughter loved this! [Fractions, Percents, and Decimals II] She ASKED to do it [...] in the car! She doesn't hate math but has never ASKED to do it.

– Theresa Bailey - customer

Having heard the litany of complaints over math, having something that shows the kids real life examples of math is fantastic.

– Laura O Neill - customer

I really like that it uses every day dealings to not only teach math, but show how we use it every day in our lives. This is one that we will use again, and highly recommend to others.

– Michael Arrington - customer

I have used, or have, most of the Make It Real Learning series. This series has been absolutely fantastic for our home school. My daughter loves the fact that she's working with real world data.

– Patti Caro - Homeschooling Parent

I work with adults who either left school early for family reasons or have learning difficulties. They need real life maths. They don't have time to waste learning for the sake of learning. Your sheets give them something they can see an immediate use for that is not beyond their ability and importantly doesn't look like it was designed for children. They are a good way to apply the concepts they are learning.

– Sandra Richardson - TAFE Leeton, NSW, Australia

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